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Those care instructions symbols on the Helixia tag are great because you don't need to read English to use them... unless you do read English and you're just left wondering what those strange icons mean. So to break this down, starting from the left working our way to the right:


  • This is a washing machine, the number of dots mean how hot the water should be, in this case, warm.  The underline means you should use the permanent press cycle on your washer, which is a cold rinse.
  • Next, is no chlorine bleach. Spandex and bleach don't don't get along and when mixed up together they fight. And bleach always wins.
  • The third icon is a dryer, and the dots again indicate temperature, and you guessed it, medium heat. (one dot below cold and three dots meaning hot).  The underline again indicates a permanent press cycle if your dryer has one.
  • That last one is the easiest to figure out: No ironing.  If you have the urge to iron your sports bra...

The tightly spun and densely woven yarns of Helixia should help prevent pilling and snags you'd often see in knit compression wear. In our testing Helixia is a product that still looks brand new after 35 wash and dry cycles... and counting!

If you have any questions about how to care for your Helixia, email us:

Written by Jay Rishel — November 08, 2013

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