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Helixia has been a long time coming. The twinkle of the idea in Eva's mind more than 15 years ago and the many experiments on borrowed loom time to see if this idea would even work, followed quite a few product ideas to see what would make best use of the technology Eva had developed. 

Our company, Helixia LLC was formed to take the most promising product ideas for this technology and bring it into the hands (and onto the bodies!) of the people who'd benefit most from a new type of bra, made in America, that provides unparalleled support and comfort.  Launching this website is the start of a grand adventure, thank you for joining us!

Written by Jay Rishel — October 24, 2013


David Zasloff:

Brilliant…Eva and Jay and the team….very well done….Love where you are going…Can’t wait to watch the story unfold…Making it here as much as possible is the goal and you’re doing it now…buy their product now….and Let’s keep America working.

January 29 2014

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