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We're really proud to be the first and only woven bra. Why? Woven fabrics have some real benefits to the wearer that you don't see in knits. Let's compare:

 Knits Weaves

When you stretch a knit, the loops are are interconnected, distorting the garment

When you stretch our weaves, it only stretches in one direction, allowing the garment to provide better support

in order to allow that loose, loopy structure, knits use loosely spun yarns, which greatly increase the speed the garment ages from pilling or snagging.

Weaving is a very structured assembly process, allowing us to use very fine yarns, made of component filaments finer than human hair, to create a garment that will resist pilling and snagging.  Just toss Helixia in the wash, no delicate care or handwashing required.


This is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes Helixia different.  In the coming days we'll post about what makes our yarn so unique, and how those care symbols on the tag show how easy it is the care for your Helixia bra so it'll last much longer than your traditional knit bras.

Written by Jay Rishel — October 24, 2013

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