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When deciding what to make a garment out of, there are millions of combinations of fibers, yarns, weaves, knits, finishes.......  Some of the fabrics result in good performance characteristics and some great performance characteristics.

We think ours has evolved into the great category. 

The Helixiabra has four different fibers doing many jobs. 

The most important is the cotton. Of all the fibers, cotton is the queen.  She wicks moisture away (the layer next to your body), she evaporates the moisture in the air for cooling (the layer on the outside of the bra). she loves to be washed, she strong,she is smooth, soft and gentle on your skin, she moves, she plays well with others, she has body. She likes color and is chemically resistant.  She lasts a long time. she is a good woman.

We use the polyester to support the weaves. Poly is a 'natural blend' for cotton.  She is light weight, strong, flexible, soft.

The clockworks in the bra use a blend of nylon and spandex.  Nylon is the work horse.  A little on the stiff side, but a good carrier for the stretchy undisciplined spandex.  Nylon keeps the spandex in line.

The spandex is the pa. The stretch, compression, mapping, shaping stuff comes from this fiber. It is sticky, difficult to work with, weak, susceptible to chemistry (how long does your bathing suit last?). But oh my, she keeps the garment in shape, she keeps us in shape. She is the key to motion and comfort in apparel.

Written by Eva Osborne — October 27, 2013

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