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Eva Osborne holds a Masters Degree in Textile Science and a BS in Apparel Design.  A senior member of AATCC, the US delegate and expert for Abrasion and Pilling for ISO, and the past vice chair of D13 Fabric testing for ASTM, she was recently presented the Technical Award for Modulus Testing as Related to Stretch Fabrics. Eva has previously worked with the designer Emilio Pucci in Florence, Italy where she constructed original designs before creating and crafted her own line. She provided the textile technology for the development of the Ambrielle Bra Line for JC Penney. 

The mastermind behind our 3D Compression Weaving Tech, Eva's experience from fiber to fashion leads innovation at Helixia.

Patricia Snoke holds a B.S. in General Sciences from Penn State and has had a life-long career in manufacturing. Before joining Helixia, she served as Vice President of Manufacturing at Weave Corp, a position she held for the last 26 years. Her expertise extends to the manufacture of composition cork, electronic components and television transmitters and translators; this diverse experience has culminated in her development of innovative solutions in operations and computer systems in every facility she has managed. Extremely skillful in creating MIS solutions to track and control production, Pat’s clout in the industry has provided access to many Jacquard weaving mills for prototype development. 

The independent US Jacquard Mills are a valuable resource for the development of Helixia's 3D Compression Weaving technology. 

Pat's natural leadership talents ensure that Helixia will continue to grow. 

Jay Rishel has 14 years of Information technology experience, focusing on utilizing open source solutions. 

For the last 11 years, Jay has worked for T. Rowe Price, most recently as a Unix System Administrator specializing in Linux. His involvement in online maker communities keeps the company focused on using the existing weaving technology as a platform for integrating advanced technologies in the manufacturing environment. The technology guy who designs software and leads the development of Helixia's storefront and digital presence, Jay opens the path for the future while hanging out with two old ladies who understand the past. 

United Cerebral Palsy of South Florida is Helixia's charity of choice.