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Molly Wells, fitness instructor, Petaluma CA

I'm a self -proclaimed "sweaty girl ", teaching aquatic exercise classes in an incredibly humid and warm environment and the Helixiabra offers me the most comfort. I always choose moisture-wicking activewear, but none have performed as well as Helixia. 
This product could revolutionize the way bustier women experience exercise and movement in general by completely eliminating discomfort associated with other bras.  It really smoothes, compresses and generally "packages " me in a flattering way while providing the support and comfort I need.
Stephanie Engle, Hershey PA
I am so excited to use your products!  I love the comfortable support that your bra provides, the material feels like nothing I have ever worn before.  It is great to wear such a supportive bra that you put on and  forget about it - no need to adjust, tug or pull this way or that. It is comfort that lasts all day long, breaths with me and is pretty as well.  Thank you for this innovative product - can't wait to see what you create next!
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